More Information Tool. Click on the 'Info' or 'Notifications' tabs to view its content. The info tab will display information pertient to your RDP session. The Notifications section contains important notification messages.
Labgroup details. Expandable tree detailing labgroup equipment available to you along with access details and any further relevant information.
Shadow tool. This tool will display a dialog with a shadow link. You can provide this link to others and when they connect to the url they can shadow your session.
Virtual Keyboard. Use the virtual keyboard if your physical keyboard has problems with specific keys, or you just want to use a virtual instead of physical keyboard. Toggle on or off.
Clipboard tool. Use this tool to copy/paste from your RDP session to your local desktop. When you copy text in your RDP session (using ctrl-c or an application's copy menu), the text should appear in this copy/paste window. Select the text and use ctrl-c to copy to the local clipboard.
Help Tool. Click on the 'Toolbar' or 'About' tabs to view each section. The toolbar section explains the purpose of each tool in the toolbar. The about section contains userful info such as a link to the user guide and gateway version.
Close tool. Click on this tool to logout. It will redirect you back to the login page.


Gateway Version: 5.5.0
Toolbar Version: 1.12
User Guide: User Guide PDF


Lab Access

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: HPE vLabs Infrastructure maintenance is performed between 09:00 and 13:00 ET (US) every Saturday. Please be aware that HPE vLabs lab access may be interrupted or unavailable during this reserved maintenance period.

Details of *Known Issues* are being added to the User guide when they arise. Please ensure that you have read the latest version.

For more information on HPE vLabs, see

By executing the "Revert" action you will be setting your vApp back to "day 1" state, and its current state will be lost. Type "revert" into the text field and click "OK" if you agree to set your vApp back to "day 1" state.

This operation may take from 2 to 6 minutes.

Virtual Labs Gateway

Username: Password: Keyboard: Invalid username or password.
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